Pressure relieving benefits of the Solara 3G tilt and recline

For people who have limited ability to reposition or reorient their bodies independently, changes in body position are necessary to address issues related to postural alignment, function, physiology, transfers and biomechanical issues, contractures or orthopedic deformities, edema, spasticity, pressure management, comfort, or dynamic movement. The Solara 3G provides both tilt and recline features that truly benefit individuals who need repositioning many times throughout the day.

Tilt and recline complement each other, they are not interchangeable and serve very unique medical purposes. Tilt systems change seat angle orientation in relation to the ground while recline systems provide a change in seat to back angle orientation. Used in combination with tilt, recline offers additional functional and clinical benefits to users and caregivers.


Invacare VA Contributor

Invacare VA Contributor

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